Don’t be an asshole

There’s an important lesson at the end of this, so stay with me.

On the bus ride home today, we stopped at the Capital Square to pick up a few passengers. One happened to be in a wheelchair, which is not uncommon on my rides home at night.

After a few minutes though the bus was still not moving and the driver appeared to be having issues with the set up required to secure a wheelchair. The man finally boarded, but the bus still did not move. After 10 minutes, the bus driver spoke up informing us that a part which is used to secure the wheelchair was malfunctioning and we had to wait for a repair.

As you can imagine, already impatient people were not happy with this news and many decided to get off the bus, with the idea of walking a more attractive option. But most kept quiet. Only 10 minutes from home, I too decided to walk the rest of the way.

But before I could disembark, a gentleman disposed probably the most rancid opinion I have ever heard in person.

“That could be two friggen hours from now,” the man said of the repairs. “If I ever end up in a wheelchair, shoot me so I don’t become a disgusting embarrassment.”

He then left the bus in front of me and continued to mumble his ignorance.

I don’t have much of a lesson for you here other than this: Don’t be an asshole.

And show kindness to those with disabilities. It is how you would want to be treated.


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