The three types of people

There’s something about bad people. Relatively, there are not a lot of them, but they tend to make themselves known. And they do this by taking action. Bad actions. They steal, they lie, they kill. They make this world we live in a little less wonderful with every bad deed.

And then there are the good people. But we will get to them in just a moment.

There is one more group of people. They are just people. They don’t lie or steal or kill. They don’t choose bad actions and are not bad people. They also don’t choose good actions. They just exist. They go to work, they come home after work and they watch football on Sundays (something many bad and good people do though too).

There is nothing wrong with people who are just people. They don’t often do anything that negatively impacts our lives in the world. They most likely go unnoticed. And that’s OK. It could be worse. At least they are not bad people.

But they also are not good people.

So what makes someone a good person? Well, just like bad people, they also take actions. Except good people show love, hold the door for someone behind them and give of themselves to others.

It is not difficult to be a good person, but it takes a little more effort than just doing nothing. You have to go out and prove that you are a good person. And the little actions count just as much as the big actions. Buy a friend dinner. Give a lost stranger directions. Volunteer at the community center. Smile. Ask a friend how they are doing… and actually listen. Bake cookies for the office. Let someone board the bus ahead of you, even though it’s pouring out.

These are all good actions and they make you a good person. And the world could use as many good people as possible.

But you have to take action. For every awful action in this world, we must strive to carry out a thousand good actions. We cannot fool ourselves into thinking that only bad things happen and that bad people control our fortunes.

So tomorrow morning, when you get out of bed, consider what it will take today to be more than just a person. Take action, remember even the smallest actions matter, and make the concious choice to be a good person.

Random Fact: In Somalia, there are about 200 times as many camels as there are cars.


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